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Who is Barbosul?

A collection of unique characters
that were inspired by the charisma of bearded men.

We started Barbosul with a collection of 10,000 NFTs, unique digital collectibles living on the Elrond blockchain. Each one its using hundreds of particular traits.

We truly believe Elrond is still in its early stages so Barbosul are a way to show you were among the early adopters.
Out of over 1 million wallets on Elrond right now, only a maximum of 10k can have a Barbosul avatar and will become even rarer as we grow.

Our Team

We are a core team of 3 based in Romania 🇷🇴. Our objective is to create community-owned tech products that have a real utility and contribute to building a better world.

Barbosul Blockchain
Blockchain Developer
Barbosul Marketing & CEO
CEO & Marketing Chief
Barbosul Artist
Digital Artist

Barbosul Community


Community building

We plan to create the biggest community on the Elrond Network. With the use of technology, we will bring people together from all over the world to help each other, share knowledge and build great projects. We are stronger together.

Barbosul Token

Barbosul Economics

We all work together to build the Barbosul Token, so everyone should own a part of it. We'll create a token you can earn by getting involved in the community and through the projects we make. Once you have it, you'll be able to spend it inside the community & metaverse, trade it on exchanges.

Barbosul Token

Build a better world

Even though we’re working on creating a metaverse, we still live most of our life in the physical world. Inspired by Elrond’s green vision, we’ll join forces to create projects that will help the planet and the society we live in.

Barbosul Token

Take over the metaverse

We need a space to connect and interact . The metaverse will bring together people from all over the world and allow us to create incredible things together. We'll give purpose to the metaverse.


Q4 2022 Kick-off Barbosul

We plan to create the biggest community on the Elrond Network.

  • 🟢 Launch Twitter, Instagram, Discord and website
  • 🟢 Barbosul Community kick-off 🚀
  • 🟢 Started our TikTok account
  • ⚪️ Marketing started
  • ⚪️ Christmas Giveaway - 20 x Barbosul Special Christmas Edition
Q1 2023 Launching

This year is going to be epic, but for this, we'll need to prepare

  • ⚪️ Mint & Sell the first 500 Barbosul for 0.3 eGLD (500 total)
  • ⚪️ $1000 giveaway among all Barbosul holders
  • ⚪️ 50 eGLD charity donation
  • ⚪️ Mint & Sell the next 1500 Barbosul (2000 total)
  • ⚪️ 2000$ giveaway to all people who minted at least one Barbosul
  • ⚪️ Launch the $Barbosul Token
Q2 2023 Products Launch quarter

This quarter is all about building products

  • ⚪️ Launching Barbosul Product Shop
  • ⚪️ Starting a strategic partnership with different online shops
  • ⚪️ Launching Barbosul T-Shirt Product
  • ⚪️ Mint & Sell the next 2000 Barbosul (4000 total)
  • ⚪️ Donating $5000 to different charities
  • ⚪️ Hold multiple AMAs
Q3 2023 Preparing to enter the Barbosul Game

We'll have so much fun

Q4 2023 Game is just around the corner

Starting the decentralization process of the Barbosul

  • ⚪️ Mint & Sell the next 2000 Barbosul (8000 total)
  • ⚪️ Implement the Identity service that will handle user data in the Barbosul Game
  • ⚪️ Create a simple non-custodial auth service that will be used in the Barbosul Game
  • ⚪️ Barbosul Game design
  • ⚪️ Barbosul Game development
  • ⚪️ Add more products to our Barbosul Shop and new T-Shirts
Q1 2024 Game testing
  • ⚪️ Barbosul Game development
  • ⚪️ Owners Dashboard
  • ⚪️ Collection Dashboard
  • ⚪️ Barbosul Game Testing on Devnet
  • ⚪️ Mint & Sell the next 2000 Barbosul (10,000 total)
  • ⚪️ 5000$ giveaway to all people who minted at least two Barbosul
Q2 2024 Game official release
  • ⚪️ First version of the Barbosul Game Mainnet official release
  • ⚪️ More to come


Who is the Elrond Barbosul?

Elrond Barbosul contains 10.000 unique NFTs living on the Elrond network. They will create the strongest community on Elrond that will bridge the gap between the metaverse and the real-world, in order to archive great things.

How can I buy a Barbosul?

You can mint Barbosul directly from the marketplace.

How much does a Barbosul cost?

To mint a Barbosul, you will need 0.5 eGLD.

What are the perks of getting a Barbosul?

As a Barbosul Holder you'll be part of the strongest community on the Elrond Network. You'll automatically qualify for different giveaways, you'll earn $Barbosul by staking Barbosoul NFT and also be part at all of our internal discussing and future developments. More to come!

Does it count how many Barbosul I hold?

Yes! All the benefits we'll offer, the giveaways, the airdrops, etc will be per NFT, not per wallet. So if you got more NFTs, you get more rewards/benefits.